In  2016, Nightingale received the honor of opening for John Moreland, Albert Hammond Jr., and more, after winning a spot in Hanson’s band contest.

“Nightingale combines folk and soul in a magical way, led by lead singer Briana Wright’s incredibly strong and sweet voice.” – Tulsa World, May 2016

Tulsa World Magazine featured Briana Wright and Nightingale on the cover and in its March/April 2017 as one of nine Oklahoma artists to watch for the year:

“Briana Wright’s voice is seriously good. It’s got soul, it’s got passion and her delivery is unabashed and fun to watch. That, with the jazzy soul of the full band Nightingale, will have you swaying and dancing before you know what you’re doing. The band was one of a handful to earn a spot on the local stage of the 2016 Hop Jam Music and Beer Festival. It’s a drum kit, electric guitar, upright bass, and Wright’s voice coming together for something truly special. She has been singing for years and was on season 2 of “The X Factor,” but with Nightingale, it shows a more mature, refined side of the band”   -Tulsa World Magazine