In 2018, Nightingale made a tenacious return to Tulsa’s music scene after hiatus with their signature blend of folk, indie, and soul. Previously, they earned a spot at the Hanson brother’s Hop Jam festival and were featured by local press as an “Artist to Watch.” Since their revival, Nightingale continues to draw crowds with electric performances, most notably at 2018’s MISfest and 2019’s Tulsa Boom Factory Official SXSW day party. February’s fulfillment of the band’s Kickstarter campaign heralds the imminent arrival of their first album. The project is expected to be released in Spring and will showcase the nostalgic melodies, folk influences, and soulful vocals Nightingale is known for.

“Briana Wright’s voice is seriously good. It’s got soul, it’s got passion and her delivery is unabashed and fun to watch. That, with the jazzy soul of the full band Nightingale, will have you swaying and dancing before you know what you’re doing. The band was one of a handful to earn a spot on the local stage of the 2016 Hop Jam Music and Beer Festival. It’s a drum kit, electric guitar, upright bass, and Wright’s voice coming together for something truly special. She has been singing for years and was on season 2 of “The X Factor,” but with Nightingale, it shows a more mature, refined side of the band”   -Tulsa World Magazine